Yeah, right….

OK, so who was it? Which one of you is responsible for the following letter?

Trinny & SusannahHi Helena.

Love the column.

Any chance, I wonder, of a signed photograph of yourself?

The one (or similar) accompanying your French mistress article in yesterday’s Sunday Times/Home Section would be FAB.

It really would complement the Joanna Lumley, Doon Mackichan and Trinny & Suzannah ones’ that already adorn my office wall!

DoonIf you’re willing to respond to such a request then I’ll obviously forward you my UK postal address.


This email ranks alongside those ‘I’m a Nigerian prince and want to give you all my money’ or ‘my name is Jonny Wilkinson and I have been secretly in love with you since I spotted you in the crowd at the Marseille Velodrome’ style mails.

JoannaMy husband maintains he has never heard of Richard and that it wasn’t him. Most of my friends are too lazy or busy to pull a stunt like this. Maybe it was my step-children in revenge for my column about how spoiled their generation is? Maybe Leonardo is a precocious internet user? But the only celebs he knows are Spiderman and Peter Pan.

Whoever it was, I didn’t fall for it. As if I would be seen dead next to Trinny and Suzannah. I mean, puhleeaaase.

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2008

One thought on “Yeah, right….

  1. Dear Helena.

    It wasn’t me.

    But I’d love a signed snap of you. I will put it with pride on my office wall along side star photographers David Bailey and David Montgomery. Soccer stars Arsene Wenger and Ian Wright. Chicago Black Hawks hockey star of the century Bobby Orr, Porn star Marilyn Chambers and the beautiful and regal Catherine Deneuve. (I never dared ask Kylie or Brigitte Bardot for an autograph. Kylie was dragged off by her gorillas and Brigitte had me trembling and out of control).

    Don’t worry about Trinny and Susannah. They will never grace my wall. Their programs are girlie, soppy and risible, but they amuse. They say they were models, but one wonders for what. I can see Trinny in a mechanics overall for a Halfords catalogue, and probably Susannah modeling for Toby jugs.

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