The Viva Mayr Diet

I am here in Munich to promote the publication in German of the Viva Mayr Diet book. But for you lucky followers here (!) they have a condensed English version you can follow day by day, for 14 days, starting tomorrow. Go for it…

Are you ready to change your life and how you eat and approach your cooking?
Tomorrow we will begin with the 14 day Viva Programme. Please join us! We are going to explain one Mayr principle a day and we are really curious to find out what you think and hear your comments and experiences.

Tell us what you would like to achieve your dreams your goals …..

18th 1st VIVA DAY

Today we start with the new Viva regime! Get ready for the 14 day Programme – get into the right mindset or mood. Perhaps you would like to write down what you wish to achieve, for example…..

Lose weight
Have a flatter stomach
Improve sleep
Perhaps you would like to tell us more about the goals you want to achieve.
Perhaps you would like to start to bake the spelt bread – so that you can start with tone of the most important rules of the Modern Mayr Philosophy chew, chew, chew……

… at the end of the 14 sections you will feel slimmer, healthier, look and feel better than ever before…………

19th 2nd VIVA DAY

Good health starts with good shopping – today we go food shopping
Concentrate on buying good quality organic products – essential from now on, tell us about your favourite new food and tell us which food might make you weak, or is difficult to avoid!
Say goodbye to doughnuts, biscuits, chocolate and cocktails – no more sugar that evil stuff

20th 3rd VIVA DAY

You will discover how important it is to chew every bite between 30 – 50 times!!
Do you have your spelt bread ready?
It is difficult in the beginning, the bread is not very tasty – but you get so used to it and even enjoy the taste of the spelt bread as well as enjoying the benefits of feeling fuller much quicker…Other wheat free bread options are allowed. Or look up a spelt bread recipe online.

21th 4th VIVA DAY

Be more active – move more ………have more fun … enjoy being active… start exercising every second or third day….
Exercise is essential for your mood digestion health weight and general health.

22th 5th VIVA DAY

Breakfast like a king
Lunch like a prince
And dine like a pauper

I used to make the mistake to skip breakfast – aiming to lose weight, never worked. Even though I have three children and mornings can be very hectic I always make space for myself and the family to concentrate on a good healthy filling breakfast…..

23rd 6th VIVA DAY

Nothing raw after 4pm.
It is very difficult to skip the healthy salad habit in the evening but it all makes so much sense…..your body is just too tired to digest raw food after 4pm.

24th 7th VIVA DAY

When was the last time you have been really hungry?  We all eat to much. Try to stop eating BEFORE you feel full
I love pasta – and loved to have three extra helping although I was already full… today I eat much smaller portions and can function much better…

Viva Half Time. The first week is behind you! More next week….

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2012

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