The December Issue

Last night we all watched the documentary film The September Issue which is about American Vogue and its legendary editor Anna Wintour.

The film centers on the biggest issue of the year, the September issue, and follows the fashion shoots, Anna’s meetings with designers as well as her relationship with her long-suffering creative director Grace.

I loved it. It was a great insight into that world, and it inspired me to go for bigger and better things on my magazine, as well as possibly a haircut. But I can’t really see why it would be interesting to anyone who is not mad about journalism or fashion or both.

The most encouraging consequence of us watching it though is that the girls have decided to create their very own December Issue, to come out for my birthday. I have not been allowed to see any of it yet but they tell me it has 42 pages so far and will have articles and fashion and advertisements, just like Vogue.

And it has an Anna and a Grace just like Vogue too, Bea being Anna and Olivia taking on the role of Grace. Their other staff member is Leo, who does drawings and stories. I feel the beginnings of a publishing empire coming on….

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4 thoughts on “The December Issue

  1. What an excellent idea as your birthday present Helena, so personal.
    And, just an idea to develop it, maybe your children could visit the office with a video camera and talk to your team on the magazine for a short clip to upload to your blog?! Then we can be told how much of a role model Ms Wintour is for you in your own editorship!
    I really enjoyed The September Issue, despite not being a journalist or a fashionista…. it was interesting seeing the dynamics of different personalities. Thought Grace was the real star.

  2. Thanks for a tip – that movie sounds promising.

    Reading your blog today made me smile once again.
    There is regularly something funny, whitty or clever you write, which makes me read your blog. I follow more or less three blogs. The other two persons are living in France.

    Two months or so for Love in a warm climate?
    Are you coming to Europe, by any chance, to promote your book? You should.

  3. I love Ms Wintour style. I think you’ll look lovely with that haircut. Does she ever smile though…?

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