The act of a madwoman?

So the international conspiracy to keep me awake has now reached ridiculous proportions. I leave the hotel room next to the mosque to move into my friend Amanda’s flat while she is away. But now instead of the mosque I have the combination of four cats and the insomniacs on the 9th floor to keep me entertained.


I have realised that the only sleep I can hope for is before 1.30 am, when cats and insomniacs are at their most active. This has been going on for days. This morning at 3 I finally decide to write a note, not to the cats, to the insomniacs. In said note I ask them politely if they could perhaps be a little more considerate as they keep waking the children up (total lie of course, they have slept remarkably well). I decide to deliver the note immediately. Problem is I am wearing a pink and yellow nightie and all my clothes are in Amanda’s bedroom and I don’t want to risk waking the babes. So I find a raincoat, put that on and take the lift up to the 9th floor.

It does occur to me en route that if anyone sees me barefoot, in a nightie and a raincoat carrying a note written in pink at 3am, they might well call the men in white coats. But at least at the asylum in my sound-proof cell I would get a good night’s sleep.

Meanwhile I tried to phone the sheikh’s property man as arranged, about 100 times. His phone was switched off. It doesn’t look like my happy ever after is happening. But right now I’d be content with a few hours sleep.

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2008

2 thoughts on “The act of a madwoman?

  1. Goodness, one thinks of Abu Dabi as glitzy and new world chic
    and not the nightmare it seems to be to get settled or at least
    comfortable – but surely things can only get better, no?
    Re- noises- Here in Italy an old lady made the news yesterday
    having sued the priest of a church near her house for excessive bell-ringing and was awarded E60,000 for ‘moral and physical damages’ – if that could happen in diehard Catholic Italy, you
    never know the attitude just might catch on in a few centuries
    round the mosques. Best of luck and patience.

  2. If your neighbours are observing Ramadan, then it is more than likely they will be up and about during the night. Don’t worry, things will be back to normal at the end of September when the holy month concludes.

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