Sunday is the new Monday

""Proof, if it was needed, that my neural pathways are well and truly blocked comes from the fact that I am finding it impossible to get my head around Sunday being Monday. Today (Monday), for example, feels like Tuesday and I woke up thinking about all the things I am doing Tuesday. Because yesterday (Sunday) I was in the office.

When I first realised my week was about to start a day earlier I just thought ‘oh that’s fine, it’s a day earlier, I’ll easily cope with that’. But no. I am like a senile old person constantly having to ask people what day it is and wondering if tomorrow will be a work day or the weekend.

That’s the other complicating factor. Friday is the new Sunday. And Saturday is like, well, Saturday at home.

Good news from Leo. He declared his day at school yesterday “much more better” but still misses his teacher from home and of course Louis or Los as he writes his name. But he does have a friend, a Canadian boy called Oscar who also showed up in tears yesterday so they bonded, especially after they were told they have “the right” to speak English together by Leo’s teacher. His ballet class went very well, he showed me the moves last night and I think he’s a shoe-in for the Royal Ballet School.

The girls start their ballet tomorrow (Tuesday) and not today as I was convinced when I woke up this morning and prepared their kit. I can’t wait. I have also signed up for a class called vertical flex dancing – yes I had to ask what it was as well……Heaven knows what day of the week it is on, but I have until September 30th to work it out.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday is the new Monday

  1. Oh Helena!
    Did you ever think for one minute that everything would be such a struggle?
    The domestic situation seems such a nightmare but I know you keep optimistic.I know I asked you once before, way back, but what is your coping strategy here?
    Are your jobs exciting, at least?

  2. Hello Clare
    To be honest, as I sit here at 2 am having been woken up by the people upstairs yet again after a really challenging day with the children I am beginning to wonder what my strategy will be to get me through tomorrow….yoga possibly, visualising myself in our new flat that has still to be confirmed, and even if it is will bring more worries in that it is so horribly expensive. No, I didn’t think it would be such a struggle, but I have been told it takes about five months to settle in and then life is lovely. I have seen glimpses of that life. The work I have been able to do between childcare (they finish school at 1.30) and house-hunting and visa admin has been great, am looking forward to doing more.

  3. I’m reading Noël Coward’s autobiography “Present Indicative”, a rather musty smelling volume I picked up in a charity shop. It is a first edition though, so I shouldn’t complain.

    Noël recalls his first audition at performing arts school. He was only 10, yet sang and “danced furiously”. When I read that, I smiled and thought of Leo, in his Chelsea shirt.

  4. I think anything that requires five months to get “to settle in” would not be worth doing!

  5. Hi Helena
    If you can be that positive at 2am after little sleep then I massively applaud you and know you will make it. Good luck. You will certainly achieve the fab life;that’s clear!
    p.s. are you the driving force? It’s interesting.

  6. Hi Helena
    I have just discovered your blog, and having just moved to Dubai myself (well almost 6 months ago now) I can totally relate to your sunday / monday struggle and had to laugh out loud at your post.
    I hope your domestic situation resolves itself and you find a great place to live!
    Good luck

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