Roaming emotions

This morning on the treadmill at the gym I suddenly found myself in tears watching a concert on Arte of Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet.

It has been a morning like most others, everyone is fine, and this afternoon we have a press trip to Atlantis to look forward to with the children, followed by free dinner. Which would normally make me extremely happy. So what was it? A sudden, terrible longing for culture? Deep-rooted memories linked to that particular ballet, which I can’t remember? Or maybe the fact that I had another 20 minutes to go on the treadmill….?

Whatever it was, the music was astoundingly beautiful, if you have time, listen to it today. But keep your tissues handy.

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2 thoughts on “Roaming emotions

  1. Hi Helena

    I like your writing and I have all of your books. But it’s my first time to post on your site.
    Romeo and Juliet is one of my favourite ballets and the Kenneth MacMillan’s production for the Royal Ballet is the best one in my opinion. I’m sure you saw it when you lived in England. The music itself is beautiful as you say and listening to it always brings tears to my eyes. My current favourite Romeos and Juilets are Johan Kobborg&Alina Cojocaru and Carlos Acosta&Tamara Rojo. You must see them! Your life over there sounds fantastic, but I couldn’t live in a country with no ballet……

  2. The performing arts and four proper seasons are at the top of my list of things I miss madly by living in the Gulf. I spent my working days last week planning my boss’s summer holiday in Europe that is going to include ballet at the Garnier in Paris, opera at the Bastille and Munich. I was speechless when confronted with the calendar of performances at all three theatres merely in the next couple of months and did begin questioning whether life in a cultural desert such as this was worth it.
    Dare I suggest that from the outside it can sometimes look as though we have so much here in the UAE. But in truth – beyond our families and our careers – our lives are often rather empty?

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