My Omar Sharif story

In yesterday’s paper there was a profile of Omar Sharif. It mentioned all sorts of important milestones, like when he starred in Dr Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia, but it did omit one key event that I’m sure changed his life.
Well, maybe not, but it certainly meant I will spend the rest of my life telling the story……
I was around 17 I guess, a sillier girl would be hard to imagine. I was at the London nightclub Tramp and it had been a long evening.
As I stumbled up the stairs on my way out with some friends a rather elegant figure was walking down them towards me. I recognised him immediately.

“You’re the guy in the Persil ad, aren’t you?” I said, swaying slightly and looking up at him.
He smiled, put his hand on my shoulder and said in that gorgeous deep voice “amongst other things”.
I am hoping he is coming to the Middle East International Film Festival which is held here in October so I can remind him of our first meeting. I may be the only person alive who remembers him in the Persil ad. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.
Helena Frith Powell 2009

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