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Everyone has settled in extremely well to London life. I guess it’s not difficult to do if you”re living in the middle of Chelsea. We are in a tiny street just off the King’s Road, where the houses are painted various pastel shades. In fact opposite is the fictional home of George Smiley from the spy books. Every morning we have a breakfast of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries followed by poached eggs on toast. All food comes from either M&S or Waitrose, both of whom do a marvellous home delivery service.
I am not going to the gym, but rather exercising by housework. It is possibly not as effective as the gym, but can be tough. For example, if the home delivery service is not available I carry the shopping home, very good for the biceps, and the dishwasher needs emptying at least twice a day, which involves lots of bending, not to mention carrying the bin bags out. I do miss my maid (s), but to be honest, life here is so good I think I could even get used to the ironing. Possibly.
Yesterday was a typically lovely day. We went to the V&A to the fashion exhibition there, had coffee outside with a friend (yes, a crazy English friend whose idea of a summer’s day is one where it is only spitting with rain not pouring). Then the girls and I walked to Knightsbridge via a vintage (well, charity) shop where I picked up a great handbag for nothing, followed by an encounter with Graham Le Saux (former Chelsea player, see pic). After a quick stop at Zara and Top Shop we took the bus back home for lunch and an afternoon of work.
So many things have struck me about being here but I think the main one is how NICE everyone is. Everyone from the man at the tube station who activated our Oyster cards (one of the greatest ever inventions) to the shop assistant in Scribbler, to the cashiers at M&S, to the chemist on Sloane Street who listened patiently to all the children’s extremely minor ailments, to the lovely hotelier at Woodlands Park Hotel in Surrey who told us the entire Chelsea squad would soon be traipsing through reception. Here is Leo with Gary Cahill.
I am loving every minute of life here, even though it rains constantly. Maybe I am in such a good mood because I don’t have to go to the gym any more? But I think it has more to do with being home. And bumping into Chelsea players on a regular basis.
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  1. Hi Helena – Glad you’re enjoying your time in London. Would you ever consider moving back here permanently?

  2. Have a happy holiday in Europe! We did have some sun earlier, let’s hope the sunny days are here again.

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