Living by numbers….virtually

The world is moving online. No longer will we be obsessed, as Bridget Jones was, with the number of glasses of wine we consume or pounds we weigh. The only numbers that will interest us are the number of friends we have on Facebook, or the number of followers and tweets we have on Twitter. If you are an author you can add another number, your amazon rating to that list.

I speak as a seasoned Tweeter. After only four hours as a tweeter I have already experienced the highs and lows. The highs of seeing how it works and the lows of finding out my daughter had been sending out messages on my behalf.

I am following an eclectic bunch, including a fake Frank Lampard, the journalist Frank Gardner, Vogue and The New York Times. I have just been searching for news on Syria and of course THAT premier league footballer who plays for Man U and does yoga to stay young. Obviously I can’t mention his name as he might sue me, along with the rest of the million or so who have mentioned him on Twitter.

So far I have two followers. One is my daughter who I will have to de-friend or whatever the Twitter term is, and the other one I have no idea. I suppose things can only get better. Anyone interested can check me out, my account is @HelsFP.

See you out there….

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2011

2 thoughts on “Living by numbers….virtually

  1. Sorry, I have decided to read just few blogs. Including yours, of course. Other time taking things, such as twitters etc, I have to skip. Giving more time to ashtangayoga after work and family. Good luck.

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