La Belle Maison

Ever since we have been visiting our friends Norrie and Mary in the Savoie, I have been in love with a beautiful old farmhouse on the top of a hill in same hamlet as they live in. I call it THE house or La Belle Maison. It is actually very English in aspect I think, solid and imposing, with a tennis court and a view over rolling hills and a church (see below pic).

We always said to the owners that if it were ever for sale we would love to buy it. In 2009 they told us they did want to sell it, so we went inside to look at it and asked them how much they wanted it for it.

Sadly it didn’t work out, the price was too high and then they changed their minds about selling. So we left La Belle Maison and decided to rent it next summer instead.

Two days ago – a miracle. The lovely owner of THE house emailed to say that they do now want to sell, and that the price is substantially lower and, most crucially, she wants us to have it.

Yesterday we made an offer and it has been accepted. There is still a long way to go. We have to sell Sainte Cecile (not a popular choice with most of the children, although Hugo likes the idea of La Belle Maison in part because of the tennis court) and then there is the interminable French bureaucracy to deal with.

But at least we are one big step closer. Maybe we won’t be renting it next summer, but living there.

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6 thoughts on “La Belle Maison

  1. How wonderful, that’s awesome! Does this mean your time in the desert is at a close, or will you split your time between both places?

  2. No, we will still live here for most of the time, but holiday in La Belle Maison and maybe end up there eventually. Hx

  3. Wow! Wonderful!
    I remember when you didn’t get it in 2009, we had a similar experience with our home here.
    Just goes to show, “what’s for you won’t go by you” as my dear mother used to say.

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