It’s a tough job….

So pity me. Here I am packing for a press trip. It will be arduous. It will be terribly hard work. And it will be tedious. Where am I going? A mathematics conference possibly? Or the annual-train spotters jamboree in Hull? No….I am going to the Chic Shopping Outlets of Europe.

Yes, such is my dedication to my job that I have agreed to spend six days staying in luxury hotels across Europe while I write an article about the best shopping opportunities available there. The organisers are promising up to 80% off designer clothes and accessories. But obviously that won’t interest me. I am there only because I have to be.

The fact that my research entails detailing just what you can buy for 200 pounds in each location makes the whole thing even more of a task.

How will I ever get through this week….?

On a serious but happy note I am thrilled to read that the Iranians are going to free Roxana Saberi. Shame President Obama can’t step in for the thousands of other women languishing and suffering in their notorious jails. But I suppose one is better than none.

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2009

3 thoughts on “It’s a tough job….

  1. Oh you poor poor thing!

    In the spirit of humanity and sacrifice – would you like me to swap places with you? 😀

  2. So what about all the men? Let them rot in jail, eh, you feminist swine!

  3. Oh, poor, poor you!

    I have to admit I have a VERY unhealthy obsession with Bicester Village. When my husband took a job in Chipping Norton we had to move from Guildford. Bicester Village was the only place that helped me stay sane, it is my shopping sanctuary! Good luck, you will have fun, fun, fun!!!!!

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