I’m in the money

Well, not really, but for the first time since I started this blog in November 2006 someone has paid to advertise on it. And I still have to set up the PayPal account to actually get the money, but I feel this is a bit of a  breakthrough.

Rupes will be most impressed. he has been complaining that the books and the blog are a “luxury”, because they don’t really make any money. The other day he showed me a brilliant cartoon from the New Yorker with a man telling his agent he wants to write a book.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” says the agent. “If you really want $800 that badly, I’ll just give it to you.”

I think though that for books (and the blog) money is not really the point. I am already thinking about the next novel, in fact I have started it, and I am thinking about characters, plot-lines, themes, names and so on. The one thing I am not thinking about is money. Or lack of it.

I have also been given a bit of a helping hand with the new novel as my first love showed up in Abu Dhabi this week. Regular blog readers will know him as Heathcliff. I first met him when I was a teenager and was madly in love with him (unrequited, nach) for too many years. Obviously this theme has been done before, look at the hugely successful novel One Day, for example or Turgenev’s novella First Love. But as my father says: “There is nothing original since God said ‘let there be light'”. So watch this space.

Am looking for a good title if anyone has any ideas, just don’t expect to be paid….

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3 thoughts on “I’m in the money

  1. New novel!
    How wonderful news Helena!

    With my female friends we say to each other – go girl!
    When someone does something she really should, because she is so good at it, no matter who says what. Please don`t give up with chick-lit genre without reconsidering it once again.
    I love your style! Your style is for every age, every race and almost every culture background.

    I just came came back from a short holiday, and did not have time to read the nasty comment on Amazon before they took it off.

    In my country there is saying; the dogs are barking, but hey, the caravan still keeps moving on!

  2. Love your blog! ..and your books (especially your lovely new novel) – have your ever thought of returning to the topic of Italian women for your next non-fiction book. Couldn’t put “Two Lipsticks” down, but would love to know the secrets of the Loren/Belluci brigade!

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