I am a sofa…..

I went to a baby shower last week, and just to give you an idea of how they tend to do these things in Abu Dhabi, I am uploading a photo.

Understated, eh? My first thought as I walked in was of the film Batman, when the duck turns out to be carrying gun-toting madmen. But happily it was peace and cup-cakes all round.

There was a fortune teller there so I decided to see what the future has in store for me. The good news is that I will write a best-seller. In fact I am soon to sign some mega-deal, possibly with a production company. What a relief, the amazon rating is teetering and sales are steady but not good enough to ensure I can afford to rent a giant duck for my next party.

The Russian fortune teller also told me that there is a man from my past (isn’t there always) who is going to reappear and try to take me away. Apparently my husband will react as a man reacts when someone tries to take their favourite bit of furniture away.

“He doesn’t say much, but he needs you, like his favourite sofa, and when someone comes to take it away, he will notice when he tries to sit down, and he will protect his world. He is a strong man and it is his right.”

So there we have it, I am a sofa, but at least I’m the favourite one. Am intrigued to see who this man from my past is and why he would want another man’s old sofa…..

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2011

One thought on “I am a sofa…..

  1. Sofa! And old one! You? Nooo…
    I mean really. How come somenone can find just the right words? To describe me and my marriage..?
    You just said it. Again.

    We don`t need a fortune teller to say you`ll write a best-seller. What is wrong with the people? There`s a perfect book in the shops worldwide. B u y it !
    To enterntain yourself with a really good book. Do they have a problem with promoting it, by any chance?

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