How low can you go?

I am hoping I have hit the low point. After yet another night of no sleep, a bean-bag exploding all over Amanda’s flat and no response from my high-powered contact, I was told the ballet class I wanted the girls to go to was full. I did what any normal balletomane would do and burst into tears, then I thought about calling Etihad and arranging flights back to France. But decided against it due to the fact that the ballet class there is probably full as well.

Then a knight in shining armour appeared in my inbox. It’s amazing how emails can change your life. He is involved in property in Abu Dhabi and had read my tale of woe in the Sunday Times. I am not going to say too much about it for fear of jinxing it, but the flat is perfect, the location divine and the rent, although astronomical, totally normal for here.

An hour or so later I had a call. “Madame Helena? This is the Expressions of Dance studio,” said a friendly voice. “Are you still interested in your girls joining the Grade I ballet class. We have two places.”

“Interested?!!!” I leapt so high I hit my head on the roof of the taxi. It turns out one girl had pulled out, the head of the school didn’t want to offer a place to one sister and not the other so asked the ballet teacher if she would, just this once, take eleven girls instead of ten. She agreed. I love her. It seems ridiculous that something like a ballet class can change your whole outlook but it has.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Leo is starting too, on Sunday. His kit has been ordered, white leotard and blue shorts. But he too has hit a low point poor little love. After his first day of school I asked him how it went.

“It’s my worst school ever,” he told me. “I didn’t make any friends and they don’t speak English.”

"" He is sleeping peacefully as I write. When they all wake up we will take them to the Club where there are activities all day(it’s the weekend here) from Nintendo Wii (whatever that is) to cooking to tennis and bouncy castles. This is an amazing place for children and last night as I watched him and the girls play on the beach I thought that things must get better for him as well just as they have for me. Especially once he discovers ballet…..

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3 thoughts on “How low can you go?

  1. Hi Helena

    I am soooooo pleased that things are looking up – I have been really feeling for you. In fact I realised the past two weeks that I only really began to feel settled here, and happy, (well, happy being a week with no meltdowns), after 4-5 months. It’s been 7 now, and although I miss friends like mad, I feel like things are finally getting into a rhythm, but it’s hard, and I do know how every small thing to some people, can totally set you off when you’re alone! I used to (and still do at times) cry at the drop of a hat (I cried in my Power Plate class a few months back – very embarrassing!) – but it’s amazing how, when things begin to slot into place, you feel content, safe and happy.

    Am really keeping my fingers crossed about the apartment and look forward to hearing all about it soon. Keep smiling – it’ll all be worth it.

    Jo x

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