How a very small minority lives

Picture the scene: I am doing yoga looking out over a 90 degree view of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai from the comfort of the 34th floor. Someone is pressing the dress I am going to wear this evening to dinner with my husband in a private dining room. Two cleaners are mopping up the Jacuzzi room. Our butler has just served Rupert’s cup of Japanese green tea.

No I am not dreaming….we are celebrating Rupert’s birthday in the Imperial suite at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. It is a suite made for what the French would call a famille nombreuse with three double bedrooms, countless bathrooms, a bar and at least three offices. Oh and did I mention the Jacuzzi?

It is a comforting feeling having countless staff at your beck and call, ensuring you have a lovely life, that you are massaged (we had a double aromatherapy massage this afternoon), fed (they keep bringing fruit and chocolate) and watered (the champagne is on ice). I feel like a princess, which is something you can really only get to experience if you are very rich, or a lucky journalist.

And to think I was considering giving up journalism for a more lucrative career; seems to me the best option would be to stay and enjoy the perks. Now where’s my butler….?

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2010

8 thoughts on “How a very small minority lives

  1. Ooooh, thank you thank you THANK you!
    I\’ve been having a long moment of \’oh how deprived I am\’ in my eating plan (it\’s not a diet, it\’s a way of life, now stop your whinging)…and it does help tremendously to hear (read) you saying \’fruit and chocolate\’ as a GREAT TREAT!
    \”That\’s right,\” I think, \”It IS! I\’ll have a mango instead of that ice cream…\”

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