Get in touch with your inner teenager

I am lying on a bed, eating almonds, covered in fake tan, reading Tatler. The last time I did this I was child-free and about 19.

I am having an evening in after an exhausting day, which started with breakfast with the Features Director of Red Magazine and ended with a massage from Nari, who is based near Notting Hill and claims to give the best massage in the world.


Not having tried them all, I can’t say he’s right, but he is extremely good. He has incredibly soft but strong hands which he uses to expertly pummel your body. The treatment ends with a head massage which apparently children in India are given as a matter of course, their mothers tell them it makes them brainy.

I may not be any brainier, but instead of feeling exhausted after a glass of champagne and two glasses of delicious (English) rose at a lunch with a Daily Mail editor I skipped home, relaxed and invigorated. Actually Nari (bless him) insisted on driving me home (a service he doesn’t offer to all his clients but you might get lucky, check him out at

Despite my hectic schedule I have had time to go to M&S four times and can confirm that it’s as blissful as ever. The threading at Harvey Nichols went well and pink seems to be the colour to be seen in, which is lucky for born-again teenagers like me.

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8 thoughts on “Get in touch with your inner teenager

  1. Hi Helena . A stupid question , what is threading and is it painful? It sounds like it’s something to do with nål och tråd.

  2. Hejsan
    Inte nal och trad men bara trad. Dom tar ut haren med trad some dom glider (?) mellan fingrarna, jag har forklarat on previous blog in English. It hurts a bit, not too bad.

  3. Dear Helena.

    I loved the shop window photo on your massage parlour’s website. What mysterious pleasures are to be found behind this cunningly disguised curry emporium, ironmonger and bookmakers? The photo of Kilburn tube station added a frisson of exoticism too. Must be handy for a kebab, late-night onion bhajee and a keep-fit pub car park punch-up after a night out.

    I’m surprised you even dared set foot in the place. Not exactly Renew is it? Or Harvey Nicks.

    You do have some fun don’t you? Keep it up.


  4. Pink? You mean clothes rather than eyebrows?
    Mine are pink after waxing but wonder about the comparative ouch levels.

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