Fame at last…..

BorisI am in the Richard Kay column in the Daily Mail today (see below for text of article). This is thrilling news on many counts. First they have made me younger than I am (always useful for an anti-ageing guru), second they call me “pouting” and finally it’s only a matter of time before Boris gets on the phone to ask when my new exclusively Old Etonian retreat is going to take place.

I have always wanted to meet Boris; I think he seems extremely amusing and now that he’s mayor of London he will be a useful contact to have. I could talk to him about my plans to introduce 24-hour opening at Harvey Nichols for example and to ban smoking in the royal boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea. Now that all these smokers intent on killing themselves can only do so outside, London air has become extremely ageing. I think it should only be permitted outside zone one. Boris can implement my plan. After the retreat, obviously.

Pouting anti-ageing authoress Helena “To Hell In High Heels” Frith-Powell says she’s planning a special Toffs Weekend at her new health spa, Renew Retreats, in the South of France.

Helena, 40, who likes to swim in the nude, says: “Now it’s cool to be an Old Etonian again, I’m sure they could benefit from some exercise and style hints.”

But just who could Helena have in mind? “David Cameron looks pretty fit, but I think Boris Johnson could benefit,” she explains.

11 thoughts on “Fame at last…..

  1. I agree…I’m sure Boris would appreciate your advice Helena! perhaps some tips would help…think he’s going to call you any time soon??
    And as for the smoking ban…well, it’s not a bad idea actually. if not for your health, at least for your skin! when you do get to talk to him on the phone Helena, please let me know what he says 😉 and of course say hello and congratulations…
    nice article by the way! so you think David Cameron looks pretty fit?? hmm…yeah, not really my type, but he looks ok!
    goodness, a little holiday in Renew would do ME good that’s for sure!! when can i come?!
    Letizia x

  2. Hi Letizia
    Come and renew whenever you would like to! And I will pass on your messages to Boris, it’s only a matter of time before he calls!

  3. Ha, my mother used to live in the flat below Boris’s mother when I was a girl. I remember a tall blond boy who played tennis a lot and had very big feet! I thought he was rather lovely, but then locked away in my all girls boarding school I didn’t have much to compare him with …. however, thirty or so years later I think perhaps I was just showing early good taste LOL!

  4. Helena,

    What does your swimming costume or lack thereof have to do with anything? I actually don’t get why everyone is gaga over Boris. Look like he is in need of a decent haircut among other things. Sorry….

  5. Hi Sharyn
    Years ago they ran a gossip piece about me swimming naked and they drag it up every time for some reason.
    I think it is precisely his need of a haircut that brings out the mothering instinct in women…

  6. I once had lunch with Boris in Brussels… he is a very amusing fellow. He was the Telegraph’s man there at the time. A very inventive journalist. It was Boris, I believe, who launched the hue & cry over the harmonised European condom.

  7. Did he hue or did he cry?

    I think he would charm you into bed, intelligent, witty, amusing, quoting poetry…..whereas Johnny would just sweep you off your feet and throw you onto it.

    Choices, choices…if only!

  8. Dear Helena,

    I’ve read your husband’s book and seen his picture. Rupert is quite the handsome, intelligent & witty man. Why fool with all of that Boris hair when you have a winner at home? Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street you know.

    Sharyn G.

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