Everything you always wanted to know about the environment…..

….but were afraid to ask is in this excellent film: www.youtube.com/homeproject. Watch it, it is compelling and very scary. Added to which the filming is stunning.

I am in Paris which has to be the most lovely city on earth. I came over the interview the designer Agnes b. She is lovely; warm, friendly and fun. She has five children and 14 grandchildren, as well as hundreds of clothes shops across the globe, art galleries, a boat that does environmental research and several restaurants. And she’s going to direct a film (which she wrote) next year. Talk about multi-tasking.

Tomorrow we head back to London and then home to Abu Dhabi on Sunday. I leave you with a less depressing image than the above film. Leonardo the King making his world cyber ballet debut. Have a lovely weekend.


2 thoughts on “Everything you always wanted to know about the environment…..

  1. Gosh, you’re so lucky to be interviewing all these people – after
    reading an article on Agnes B I was eaten up with envy at her
    lifestyle, attractive, successful and unconventional, and still
    having fun – what’s not to like? Hope you’ll share your thoughts
    with us afterwards about her. Leo and the little fellow at the back – they’re so sweet they made me laugh but what is that
    gigantic fairy/queen doing beside them? Ready to give them a swat with her wand? Fairy tale feminism or they couldn’t find any bigger boys for her?

  2. Wonderful photo, Helena, he looks as though he’s completely immersed in it. Good for him.
    Hope the trip was went well.

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