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MrDreamyI have a friend of a friend who is on the UK soap Coronation Street. He told her an amazing fact the other day which is that the scriptwriters are forced to come up with something exciting every eight seconds in order to prevent people from switching channels.

Every eight seconds….can you imagine if life was like that? No sooner have you given birth when your brother-in-law announces he’s running off with his best (male) friend and your mother tells you that you are in fact the product of a liaison she once had with a Brazilian opera singer and not your father who thinks Rigoletto is a pasta dish.

McSteamyAnyway, as you may know, the favoured soap around here is Grey’s Anatomy. I have the good fortune to have a very technically-minded friend who downloaded the whole of the fourth series for me. Yesterday was a sad day. Olivia and I watched the final episode. I don’t even think they’ve made a fifth series yet and am wondering how on earth to get through the ironing during the coming months.

My friend who downloaded the series says you can tell a lot about a woman by asking her if she prefers McDreamy or McSteamy.

As long as either or both of them are on every eight seconds, I’m happy. So what does that say about me?

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9 thoughts on “Every eight seconds

  1. I’m definitely a McDreamy ‘gal’…what does that say about me????? (I find McSteamy a bit too obvious, I’m afraid).

  2. Hi Mel
    I will ask my friend Karl when I next see him, but I think you are right in that those who prefer McSteamy like the obvious hunk and the McDreamy gals are a bit more subtle…For me it depnds on the mood I am in, but obviously I wouldn’t throw either of them off the sofa.

  3. I didn’t realise we had to choose!! That’s like saying do you eat chocolate or do you drink champagne …. silly question 🙂

  4. Just logged on to your blog again today and saw the McDreamy and McSteamy pics….can’t concentrate on anything now….. (thanks Helena). Can you imagine if all doctors looked like this??!!!!!! I’D BE ILL CONSTANTLY.

    PS: Still prefer McDreamy and if I had to choose, would take champagne over chocolate too.

  5. I agree, most days McDreamy but chocolate not champagne (unless it’s pink). I am also finding it hard to concentrate on anything but that towel….

  6. This is ridiculous! You lot should go and have a cold shower or get on with some ironing…

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