Eleven years ago today…

Today is out 11th wedding anniversary. Eleven years ago today we were married in a beautiful white church in Hedemora, deep in the Swedish countryside. It is the same church I was christened in, by my grandfather who was the vicar then. Sadly he was not around when we got married, he died quite young.

“What does it feel like to have been married so long?” Rupert asked me. I told him it feels like an achievement. Not that it has been hard work, in fact it has gone very quickly. And I can imagine staying married for another 11 years.

This week was also Olivia’s 10th birthday and today we had her party. partyparty.jpgThe party went on for three hours. But there were times when it felt like it had gone on for longer than our marriage. Now it is over and we are here with my best friend Iona who is visiting from India. Eleven years ago today she was at our wedding too. And twenty years ago we left university together.

Here’s hoping we will be sitting around together in another twenty years’ time. But possibly without the birthday party…..

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3 thoughts on “Eleven years ago today…

  1. 11 years! Wow! Nicole and I will be celebrating (should it be commemorating) our 40-year wedding anniversary next week and as our common friend Jonathan says: you get less than that for murder. Still, I wish you another 11 years and more of happiness

  2. Happy Anniversary, Helena and Rupert. nowadays that is an achievement.
    We celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary on 27th- we’ll actually be in Florida on holidays, so we may postpone the celebration!
    I know what you mean by in ways it doesn’t seem that long at all.
    Hope you and the university pal have a lovely time together. I visited my university pal in Brussels during the week, had the most delicious lunch together, then flew back that night.

  3. Congratulations on eleven years. George and I will celebrate 38 years in November. It seems like a very long time ago.
    I can’t quite believe I was ever that young!

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