Dishy Dave

We are in London, it’s great to be back. Yesterday I visited my favourite haunts; the Blink Bar at Harvey Nichols and HB Health where Botox Brenda worked her magic needle. On the way back to the hotel (Rupert has managed to get us into The Connaught, a more civilised place is hard to imagine, Leo has his own bed, dressing gown, slippers, teddy bear, London map etc) I was walking up Park Lane feeling jolly happy when I saw a familiar figure walking towards me.

Dave & Heathcliff

It was David Cameron, the leader of the opposition conservative party. I have always rather liked Dishy Dave as I call him because he’s, well, quite dishy. He is an Old Etonian which is a good start (in my experience they are usually charming, clever and amusing) and he just looks so good compared with the Prime Minister Gordon Brown. This week Brown compared himself with my all-time hero (only downside is he’s not an Old Etonian) Heathcliff. Well, I mean, really. He is about as reminiscent of Heathcliff as a sack of old potatoes, in fact less.

Dishy Dave looked so bright, handsome and fresh faced that I smiled broadly, praying silently that the blood left by Brenda’s needle had left my forehead. He smiled back and said “hello”. Rather annoyingly when I said hello back my new Tom Ford glasses decided to do that trick of moving up and down on my face so I must have looked like a mad woman. Still at least he’ll remember me.

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6 thoughts on “Dishy Dave

  1. Dear Helena.
    How wonderful to be at The Connaught. The greatest place for “power breakfasts” the advertising industry has ever abused expense accounts in.

    Glad your Tom Ford glasses stayed in place. Poor Dishy Dave might have thought you were yet another victim London’s favourite sport; bloodletting. But then, I don’t expect you get many hoodies at Harvey Nicks.

    While our PM is in Hokkaido having a few suits made and, for some strange reason, reminding the world’s leaders that British families throw away half a million yogurts every year, his country, law enforcement, economy, education, health service, housing, immigration, transport etc. etc. is totally out of control.

    I will not set foot in the UK, let alone Harrods or Harvey Nicks, until the police issue me with a stab vest.

    Do The Connaught still have black pudding at breakfast? Simpson’s-in-the–Strand do.


  2. I know several former Etonians and I have to agree, each one of them has so far been absolutely charming. I wouldn’t recognise David Cameron if he came up to shake hands with me (whatever for, I have no idea, especially when we are into the kissing business over here on the Continent – as you know) – and that’s my 2 cents worth, I’m afraid.

  3. Hello Graham
    Have not tried the breakfast as it probably costs around £50 but can confirm that the black pudding here in Sweden where we are now is amazing with a little lingonsylt…

  4. I have returned from a 3 week holiday in France and I can not believe that you are moving to Abu Dhabi. I feel totally responsible for this occurrence-you are the third French blogger to leave that beautiful country once I start reading the blogs. It is incredible! Please do not go-I adore your French chat, and I promise to stop reading you if you change your mind.

  5. Hello CJ
    Please don’t feel responsible, but there seems to be a pattern here…
    And do keep reading, Abu Dhabi will be fascinating and one day I will come back to France.

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