Blood in Bahrain

Just read the following in an excellent article from today’s New York Times ( It is so tragic that these outdated despots can’t see that change is inevitable, with or without bloodshed.

Rupert was in Bahrain last week and said the people are lovely. I tried to go once and was refused entry by the foreign ministry, which made me feel like a proper journalist.

In the bloodstained morgue, Ahmed Abutaki, 29, held his younger brother’s cold hand, tearfully recalling the last time they spoke Wednesday night. “He said, ‘This is my chance, to have a say, so that maybe our country will do something for us,’” he recalled of his brother’s decision to camp out in the circle. “My country did do something; it killed him.”

2 thoughts on “Blood in Bahrain

  1. Yup – it’s not pleasant here at the moment. We live just round the corner from Salmaniya Hospital and I saw the first funeral procession pass on earlier in the week (loads of women included) and woke to sirens and gunfire on Thursday morning. Holed up at home with kids, helicopters hovering overhead and waiting to see how events unfold tonight. Can hear what sounds like more shooting now…

  2. Hi Kate
    Take care – here is a message we received from another friend there last night – am passing it on to everyone I can think of

    Please assist in any way as we have friends , kids and ladies / intellectuals all been shot at randomly as if we were in the 14th century…please help my people people with conscience and integrity and want this world to be a better place as these regimes keep repeating the same Egyptian / Tunisian scenarios to kills and terrify people plus they are not allowing doctors to do their duty ! Please help your fellow humankind
    Best Regards,

    Wael Mohammed Mattar

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