Arise Sir Jonny

OK, so we lost, but it’s only a game.

You have my permission to kill anyone who says that. It’s not only a game, it’s the WORLD CUP and we lost, rather unfairly I think. I was in a bar full of French people supporting South Africa. Helllooooo??? Aren’t we all Europeans together? Apparently not. But we were gallant and Jonny was glorious. Percy Montgomerie doesn’t stand a chance. And what was that fall into the camera all about? “That’s Percy,” said a friend of mine who was watching with me. “He sees a camera and he throws himself at it.”

Sir Jonny

I propose a knighthood for Jonny and a permanent statue in Trafalgar Square. I will be designing a fountain with a vast statue of Jonny in the middle for our garden.

My scoop in today’s Sunday Times didn’t make it to the international edition but you can read it here. You can also read my seminal piece about Jonny in the news pages (since when was the fact that we all love Jonny “news”?). Someone at the paper put some stupid joke about the Aussies and All Blacks in the middle of my text which they got wrong, making me look like one of those awful women who talk about rugby but know nothing. Which of course I am. And they messed about with our scoop, making up some drivel about a lavender garden and cutting out the brilliant neighbour completely. I can see why people hate journalists. But as I have experienced this weekend, it’s often the editors or subs that make stuff up, not us.

Meanwhile I am pleased to report that Olivia is showing signs of becoming a true French woman. She sent her first text to me today. “Olivia + Quentin,” it read. “Darling,” I said. “How sweet, your first ever text. I’ll keep it forever.”

“Don’t keep it forever,” she responded. “I might get another boyfriend.”

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3 thoughts on “Arise Sir Jonny

  1. Don’t you think Percy looks like Prince Charming out of Shrek? What’s all that flowing long mane about? I can just imagine how long he hogs the bathroom for, perfecting his barnet.
    Johnny for Prime Minister, or at least my under-secretary. Divine!

  2. Thought the article about the Lady of the Lake, excellent and such a good piece of writing. However, I think there was a similar case in England where a body was discovered by chance, in the Lake District. What horror for the murderer, if such it was, to realise as he waited, that the water level was falling, falling. Did he go and check each day?

    Percy was prodigious and never ever hesitant,
    Always in the thick of it; vote Percy to be President!

    Sorry, couldn’t help it! Arf.

  3. Thank you for kind comment on the article Bestarthur, but keep your thoughts on Percy/Prince Charming to yourself! I’m amazed he can see where to kick the ball through those luscious locks. And did you know he is coming to Perpignan next season? We should go and watch, Rupert is refusing to come with me.

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