Another tough assignment….

Hotel ByblosI would like to give you all an insight into my hard working life. Rupert and I are in St Tropez at the chicest hotel in town, Byblos, which has been the best address in St Tropez since 1967 when Mick Jagger married Bianca on a terrace here. Guests include Brigitte Bardot, George Clooney and, er, my husband and I.

We are on a most gruelling schedule. Here is the itinerary for today:

Breakfast at leisure

Free time to explore St Tropez

1.00pm Lunch by the pool

18.00 Spa treatment

19.30 Cocktails and dinner at B bar.

I think you will agree that this is far too much to expect a person to do in just one day and support me in my letter of complaint to the National Union of Journalists.

As if this isn’t enough, tomorrow they expect us to go for lunch at Club 55. We will no doubt be forced to eat and drink for several hours while watching the waves gently lap the shore and spotting celebrities in exile from the Cannes Film Festival.

Is there no end to our suffering?

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2008

6 thoughts on “Another tough assignment….

  1. I am sure that an appropriately worded letter to the NUJ will lead to a junket of journalists (not sure of the collective noun) hotfooting it to St Tropez on a fact checking mission prior to their launching of an appeal to save you from unnecessary luxury. Should back up be required I am on 24 hour call LOL

  2. And what exactly are you supposed to do? Sound just perfect ,don’t tell me you have to work as well! Skål.

  3. I could take your place and end your suffering Helena! really, there would be no need to thank me…it’s a pleasure! i love working hard, but i have to say the worst bit would be the SPA…That’s awfully tiring! how can you put up with it Helena? we’re all with you…xx

  4. Thank you all for your support. I am back home now and as you can imagine most relieved to see the dishwasher, washing machine etc etc.

  5. Dear Helena,

    Welcome back to reality. The break from it makes all the difference.

    Sharyn G.

  6. I would love to stay in a hotel with BB! How is she looking these days? Two things I differ from the rest of the planet
    1/ I think Bardot became even more beautiful as she aged and her face gained character
    2/ George Clooney doesnt ring my bells.

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