A moral dilemma

DannyI promised I would never betray Jonny, but that new boy is damn good. And cute. And listen to this; his mother drives a London black cab, she used to work all day, get home and give him his tea, then go out to work again at night so she could pay to put him through prep-school. The father was long gone, back to Trinidad and Tobago.

JonnyDanny Cipriani (great name, reminds me of Danny Zuko all those years ago) is twenty and as I write is making a remarkable England debut. When he started half of me wanted him to fail so that Jonny could have his job back. But he has kicked seven out of seven and not put a foot wrong. And he says he wants to become rich enough one day so that his mum can stop working. Bless him.

Late in the game they even bought Jonny on as well. Clearly I will have to adore them both for the moment. And when Jonny eventually does go, Cipriani will make the pain that much easier to bear…..

Copyright: Helena Frith Powell 2008

3 thoughts on “A moral dilemma

  1. You traitor I will never speak to you again!. Nor will Jonny for that matter. How could you H?
    I will obviously have to plough through all the gay sites to find another pic of Jonny in the buff to remind you that J is pure sirloin to this big whopper of a burger.

  2. Did you see his wonderful 4 letter word gaff when interviewed after the match?
    I may be wrong, but I think the female interviewer was about to present him with man of the match, but she said words to the effect of ‘Go away, I’m not giving it to you now’ and gave it to the other England guy she was interviewing! Whether I misread the situation or not it was still very funny.

  3. Cipriani is way hotter than Wilkinson.

    Sev the other guy has a name, Jamie Noon, and he was the MOTM, not Cipriani. You could see thhat the female interviewer just wanted to touch him and pushes him away.

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