Travels with a yogi

We went on holiday with four children and a yoga teacher. Ria, as our teacher is called, is also a good friend. I have known her since we first moved to Abu Dhabi. It was Amanda, a friend I was in touch with via email before we even got here who suggested I go to her class.

“She’s amazing, and has the best body ever, you just look at her and you’re motivated.”

So off I trotted to Ria’s class and she was right, I was motivated. But not just motivated to change my body shape. Ria is a true yogi in the sense that she is also very keen on the spiritual side of things. At the end of every lesson she would tell us to focus on our innermost desire, something we wished for, and visualize it happening. I would think about the novel, to the extent that when it finally came out, I gave Ria a copy of it. She very sweetly burst into tears. Maybe it was the prospect of having to read it.

I am pleased to say that this spiritual influence has now affected my children. We did lots of yoga there (see above) and since their week with Ria, not a negative thought is allowed. “Look for the positive,” Bea urged me the other day when I got woken up at 6am by Leo slamming a door. “Maybe you were meant to wake up early to do something special.”

“Don’t worry about the future,” said Olivia when I told her I had been fretting in the night. “Live in the now.”

Leo is similarly smitten, and the most dedicated yogi of them all.

Hugo and Rupert seem less convinced, but I am hoping that eventually this new zen-ness will get to them too, and we can all live blissfully ever after. With Ria, of course.

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3 thoughts on “Travels with a yogi

  1. I’m glad u had fun Helena…i wish my daughter follows me to any of my exercise classes, she says im too obsessed on how to be in shape and loose weight ( although i’m not loosing any weight, but at least i keep my fitness level).

    she’ll be 16 this Oct. and I really dunno how to get her into being active, she’s a bit over weight, but not coz of her eating habits but more coz she hardly do any physical activity.

  2. Hey! I don’t know you but I do know Ria and yes I agree she is the sweetest. Ria and I know eachother for several years. I met her in her ” past life” ( if you tell her she will know what I’m talking abou, somewher around late 90″s.) Although I don’t live in Abu Dhabi anymore and I don’t see her, I do keep in touch with her and I am very glad that things are good in her life,she deserves it.

    I have follwed in facebook her trip t Sri Lanka, and you guys seem a lovely family.

    Anway, please tell her that I’m Sandra ( from Spain who lives in Brussels and she’ll know.

    good luck to you all !!!


    I wish

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