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  1. Hello
    we enjoy reading your Sunday Times pieces when we’re in England – of course, they’re more difficult to get hold of in France as all the interesting bits of the Sunday supplements are removed.
    I wondered, therefore, whether you had investigated at any stage the issues around the transfer of funds from the UK to France? Until very recently we have been happily ringing the local branch of our English bank to arrange transfers, while we have been restoring our ‘Perigourdine’. They have been very helpful and speedy. Now we have been told that we have to contact a central office to carry out the same operation, and that it will take two days for the transfer to be effected. Also, we have been told that there is no means of setting up a system for regular transfers, like a direct debit to our French account.

    Surely there are easier and faster methods available, despite all the recent concerns about money laundering? Do you have any views or advice?

    Patricia Shears

  2. Dear Patricia
    Many thanks for your question. This is not something I have looked into but I know there are companies, like HIFX ( who specialise in transfering funds between countries. They also provide a regular payments facility by direct debit. Or you can contact financial advisors like Blevins Franks (
    Hope this helps
    All best

  3. read your book great-liase with stephen clarke for another you are both good writers and funny ha-ha too my mail good until 16/3 i return to normandy then regards chris

  4. Hi Helena
    I am having a hysterectomy in a couple weeks (im only 43) and will be on the mends for the summer just reading – looking at all the fabulous books you have written and wonder which one would you want me to read first? I have spent 7 weeks in France (Provence) and am in love!!! Your readers think highly of you!!!
    Regards, Sunny (Vancouver Island B.C.)

  5. Hi Sunny
    I popped you an email, go for the latest one, the novel Love in a Warm Climate, especially if you love France.
    Best of luck with the operation.

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